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AGRIVATION focuses on integration of Innovation in Agricultural inputs keeping in view best standard of performance. Water soluble acidic fertilizers import and formulation are our core areas of interest, as we think these are future products for saline and high PH soils.

We are also vendor of some leading distributors and fertilizers companies in Pakistan providing them finished products as well as raw materials

Are you a grower of certified organic crops, open field crops, greenhouse crops, fruits and vegetable, nurseries, turf or landscape?.

AGRIVATION will help you achieve your goals with a wide range of specialized liquid, granular and water-soluble fertilizers.Increase production and improve the quality of your crops by using our sustainable fertilizers,please contact us.

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Reducing the reliance on synthetic low efficient fertilizers and restoring the natural balance of soil nutrients and minerals is our mission. At AGRIVATION we have developed a wide range of products of soluble macronutrients N(nitrogen), P(phosphorous), K(potassium)and Ca(Calcium)-based fertilizers, as well as micronutrients, that will bring your cultivation practices closer to maximum yield Potential and fertility.

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